[TIS] New memory replacement card (4022 226 2340 X2) [PHILIPS/MAHO]

Our Industrial Services department has created a new product "MEMO MOX2", replacing TWO of the Philips/MAHO Memory Memo Mod 1MByte cards.

The memory card replica has a complete new design, up-to-date factory fresh components and of course rugged and professional design i.e. gold plated PCB/contacts. The new memory card has double of the size (2x 1MByte) compared to the original (#4022 226 2340).

So one of this new cards will replace 2 of the original cards to safe rack space, replace defective cards or revalue your CNC controller.

The new new product has already passed all qualifications and is available from now on in limited quantities from stock or build on custom request.

Please get in contact for details:

[new product announcement,20180220,bd]

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