[TIS] New Keyboard Macro/Jog Dial System [PHILIPS/MAHO]

Our Industrial Services department has again created a new product for the the Philips/MAHO (432) world.

This time, we are aiming at a problem you - as a MAHO Professional - knows very well.

You start fine tuning the alignment of your axes during finding the zero point or when performing complex coordinate measurements using a measuring head system using just only the keyboard or the "Hand Kommand Station".

You always had to go back and forth from the work table to the keyboard and manipulate the axles or the movement factor loosing focus of your workpiece - finally loosing time and money!

Using the new Keyboard Macro/Jog Dial System from TRACONTROL there is no need to leave the worktable or the workpiece as you have the full control in you hand!

How this works?

The new Keyboard Macro/Jog Dial System consists of two components:

  1. a (very tiny) central processing unit and
  2. a hand controller connected to the central unit.

The hand controller (currently we sell the system with a classic one - more comprehensive ones are in development or evaluation) is just equipped with two selectors for axle and factor, an action-button, an emergency stop and a high resolution jog dial.


(Example Picture)

The central processing unit is connected to your Philips/MAHO Interface card (this is the module card where your keyboard is connected to) using a interface cable that is included in the package.
The system ist connected as plug-and-play solution without ANY change of cables. Your CNC controller does not even gets aware of the new functionality!

If you now selects the axle and the movement factor and push the release button on the hand controller, the central unit emits all the needed command sequence macros right away and as fast and robust as possible!

Not only that: there is a fast mode, that enables you to continue with your work. Still having enabled the action-button you could change the axle and movement factor selectors and the central unit will follow your requests immediately.

If you release the action-button, the central unit will emit a final sequence macro.

The progress is shown on the LED on the hand controller (blinking) and when LED is steady then you could (during macro processing it's blocked) turn the jog dial for the axle and movement factor that you have selected before.

The macro processing is done usually in 1 sec - so it will not block your work!

But this is not all!
Of course the emergency stop is interconnected to the maschines safety circuit (like the original "Hand Kommand Station") - so you could STOP your maschine very fast and safe.

The central processing unit has two free zero-voltage contacts that are free for additional functions.

Using the default configuration (haven't said that before: the central unit is of course fully microprocessor controlled and could be changed to your special needs or could get updates with new and more features in the future!) the two contacts are used to control two special features of your CNC controller ...


The central processing unit is a small box - made of aluminium - that will be simply tight to the wall of the CNC controller enclosure.

Central Controller

There are some connections to made ... but all you need is delivered to you!

Only the safety circuit is needed to connect - you have to, since the controller does not accept leaving it unconnected!

The only real requirement for your CNC controller:
there must be one available/unused "RM"-module card input or the jog deal.


The new product has already passed all qualifications and is available starting mid May 2019 in limited quantities from stock or build on custom request at our sales partner!

Please get in contact for details:

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