[TIS] New Add-On Product

Our Industrial Services department has created a new product line called "SMART CONTROLLER". This product series consists of several sub-devices that can be used to setup a physical entry system as add-on or replacement for older entry keyboards of CNC systems (like MAHO).


  • Act as an autonomous, USB-driven entry system
  • Is able to simulate HID devices (KEYBOARD, MOUSE, GENERIC) at the same time
  • Physical keyboard with professional tactical switches (RAFI)
  • 100% n-Key Rollover
  • And: every switch could be LED illuminated induvidually. High-speed PWM (100% flickerfree for industrial purposes) independant for all LED. Optionally with RGB LED for colored ilumination.
  • USB-powered for the small devices up to 50 PWM channels (each RGB LED needs 3) and industrial 24 Volt for the bigger units (the biggest unit has 138 individually configurable keys and 144 PWM channels (only single LED possible).
  • ┬ÁController driven (standard non-open source or custom specific firmware)

Please get in contact for details:

[customer project/classified document,20161230,bd]

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