Professional Position and Timing Solution "GPSTRAC-5" on ICE!

Dear customers!

did your know, that our professional Position and Timing solution "GPSTRAC" does not only have a proven accurracy record in eqeestrian sports but also in Ice Speed Skating?

Guess what and read here what we did the last month':

Starting 2022 we were invited by Red Bull ("gives you wings") to be part of a world record attempt in Ice Speed Skating on natural ice.
Famous netherlands olymic champion Kjeld Nuis had performed already a record attempt in 2018 and finished it with unbelivable 93km/h record (

Fastest man on Ice so far!

But after this record he thought about the next level: Is 100km/h possible? ...

So he and the Red Bull team started the "Quest for 100"-project!

They choose SCG ( and TRACONTROL for professional timing and sports graphic services and of course we accepted that challenge.

We attended at a test event (without Ice ;)) in early March 2022 at Nordhorn Airfield in the north of germany for proving the complete setup including the newly designed windshield and of course our PNT Technology in this very special setup.

Finally we decided to use our current workhorse "GPSTRAC-5" equipped with our special "Collaborative RKT" Technology. This "C-RKT" uses several PNT sources and a little bit of Machine Learning support to optimize the navigational solution.
For this purpose we installed six of our devices: two at the towing car, two at the trailer with the windshield and two at Kjelds back.
The results of the testevent were very promising, but we found the we need to eliminate the interference of the PNT with Kjelds body movement. As GPSTRAC-5 has a build-in motion sensor is was a takeaway development request for us for the real record attempt.

The real record attempt took place in Lake Savalen, Norway.
A team of Ice-Professionals had started already in december 2021 with the preparation of an Ice-track with a total length of nearly 4000m.
The tickness of the Ice was more than one meter - more than enough for big trucks, cars and a famous Zamboni-Ice-Maker.

We chose the proven setup for our TRACONTROL PNT solution and started in to this multi-day experience.

Kjeld Nuis and the Rally-Car driver Seth Quintero started test-session after test-session to get the right feeling for the Ice-Track and the windshield and the team started its optimization procedures.

We collected a dataset for each run and presented our qualified measurement results after each session to the team. They were especially interested in the acceleration-curve of the Car and Kjeld and we all found out very quickly that this would be THE main parameter for optimization.

Erben Wennemakers, also a famous netherland olympic champion and "Sports Advisor" for this project was equipped with our smartphone app. With that, he was able to get the data from us visualized in-real-time!

The 6-Device setup turned out to be functioning very well and we found that also the temperature sub-zero has no impact on the performance of our GPSTRAC-5 devices. Especially the 2 devices in the trailer were completely covered with ice in the later afternoon after a track day.

Finally our PNT setup and the GPSTRAC-5 devices turned out to very robust in this un-real situation!

For the detailed coverage and if Kjeld could manage his record attempt please look at the official documentation!

... be excited!


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