Industrial Services

Our portfolio in this area covers repair, rework, redesign and calibration of existing products.
In addition we create add-on products or complete new solutions to your special needs.

We currently concentrate on older CNC/PLC controller systems like Philips®/MAHO® and power/drive controllers like the Bosch®/Rexroth® Indramat® series.
For this professional equipment, we have most of the special spare parts needed on stock, could  source them very quick or replace them by own replica products.

Our guarantee is your guarantee: Based on our pay-per-success policy you will be billed only if your equipment is successfully repaired. But we will of course reserve the right to refuse the order after checking the equipment on a possible repair.

If you have the feeling that the equipment is not running at the optimal parameters anymore or if you want to have your equipment ready for sale, then our rework offering might be perfect.
We will dis-assemble the equipment, check for any standard components to be replaced (i.e. after 20-30 years of operation standard electrolyte or MKT capacitors might have reached their end-of-live) or make recommendations on more complex/expensive parts (i.e. heat-stressed semiconductors) to be replaced for a proper operation of the equipment for the next decade.

Rework includes a professional cleansing using specialized fluids and processes (washing using ultrasonic, standard or osmotic/purified water and gentle drying using warm air ovens) depending on your requests, budget and needs.

Calibration and Test
After repair and or rework the equipment is calibrated on static parameters (i.e. voltage outputs). Dynamic calibration/parametrization for special environmental conditions is possible on request. By partnering we do also have the possibility to utilize or setup complex machine scenarios for a dynamic test. In every case the calibration will be finalized with a final inspection test using test facilities or load tests with our programable electronic load (up to 500VDC/120A).

Back to our development scope we will redesign replicas of parts that are not existing anymore. From a tiny adapter for a relay that is not existing not to procure to reasonable prices to a electonic module that is only available from questionable sources everything is possible with respect to the business parameters from both sides. This gear will be available as standard B2B products in our store (to come end 2017).

We also create designs for new add-on products that are requested.

Programming Service
Programming and sourcing of older PROMS/EPROMS (OTP or UV) is not a problem any longer!
During our rework service we try to find the most current software/firmware for your equipment anyway. We offer this service also "stand-alone". We accept the part (PROM/EPROM) as a sample that you will get back or as a .hex/.bin file. We need a specification of the part if not to identify.

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