TRACONTROL was founded in 2004.

At this, time the company focussed on technology for solar tracking devices embedded in photovoltaic plants. Since then, the portfolio broadened to include geo-tracking concepts and products in parallel to reliable and best qualitiy solutions for industry customers.


New technology, new GNSS systems, concepts like RTK, and topics like BigData and IoT as well as new customer demands were the main drivers for the current setup of the firm. As an independant company, we are able to adopt to your needs and niche technology areas in an agile way.

The current product in the area of IoT has been widely used in M2M and the professional sports industry.

Industrial Services

The area of industrial services covers custom made solutions with the highest possible quality and a services portfolio of repair, rework, redesign and calibration services of industrial products.


The ower of TRACONTROL - Stephan Daub - is an experienced and pragmatic technologist. He holds a master degree in computer science from the University of Duisburg-Essen and a diploma in business administration (Dipl. Kfm.) issued by the University of Wismar. As an assistant professor at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim and as head of the board of examiners at German Chamber of Industry and Commerce he supports IT education.

The TRACONTROL core team covers marketing and a small engeneering and service team. We engage with external specialists on an individual project basis. Collaborations with academia and special organizations like IEEE and VDE (GMM) make sure we get the best solution for you.