TRACONTROL offers state-of-the art engineering services to get your idea successfully from concept to market. We use agile concepts with fast iterations to achive quick wins. A dedicated product owner will be assigned to you as main contact managing all project activities. We will jointly decide what level of vertical integration is needed to get the first prototype in your hand.

We are using the latest technologies available to simulate and prototype your hardware.

Our PCB design is based on Eagle Commercial Ultimate. This enables us designing complex multilayer layouts.

We have long term partnerships with several PCB manufacturers on- and offshore.

All assembly and prototyping services are offered in-house. We are running professional pick-and-place machinery as well as reflow ovens. Such, we are able to produce prototypes on finepitch level with a track width down to 3 mils in a short turnaround time. Our ESD-safe E-Lab is able to store and handle components with MSL levels up to "5A". For larger quantities, we are partnering with industry-level EMS companies in the vicinity - so again no time loss and 100% process and quality control following our zero defect strategy.

On component level, we have established a comprehensive sourcing network with distributors and chip manufacturers.

On the software side we are using the IAR toolchain for ARMĀ© and Imagecraft for the smaller AtmelĀ© processors for ANSI-C or C++ based firmware.